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The founder and CEO of Scrub Addict™️, Celestine Jean was born in Nassau, Bahamas. After a brief stop in Freeport, she and her family moved to Miami, Florida in 1993. The daughter of a hard-working single mother, Jean grew up understanding the meaning and benefits of a diligent work ethic. Even with a grueling work schedule, Jean’s mother made time to ensure that her daughters focused on school and were active participants in their church. At seventeen, however, Jean became a mother herself. Determined to provide for her young son, Jean refused to become another teen mom statistic.  After a short career as a model and an attempt at starting a modeling agency, Jean turned to nursing as a career option. Jean enrolled at Sheridan Technical Center and successfully completed their Certified Nursing Assistant program. Not satisfied with that achievement, she added a certification in Phlebotomy and eventually became a Licensed Practical Nurse. Inspired by her continued educational and professional growth, Jean effectively balanced motherhood, her nursing responsibilities and academic requirements to earn the credential of Registered Nurse and subsequently, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.


Working full time in hospitals, Jean was recognized by colleagues as being fashion forward in the way that she presented herself. Jean made a fashion statement on every shift that she worked despite being limited to the traditional attire of the nursing profession: Scrubs. Jean’s experience as a model had afforded her a certain fashion sense that she translated into her professional appearance as a nurse. According to Jean; “I was addicted to scrubs” and her appreciation of the versatility of the bland and baggy nursing uniform led to an idea. Why not design a better fitting and better looking version of the traditional scrubs? After all, a well put together nurse is aesthetically pleasing to patients and can do wonders for the self-image of the nurse wearing them.

 The Scrub Addict™️ concept was born, and now it had to be nurtured. Jean’s keen eye for fashion made designing the Scrub Addict™️ line relatively easy. Scrub Addict™️ is poised to change the look of medical professionals, male and female. Jean’s scrub offerings don’t only address the aesthetics of fit and design, but issues of functionality. With the debut of Scrub Addict comes the realization of another accomplishment for Celestine Jean, and a “cure for the common scrub” for medical professionals throughout the world.